teachings of a modern spiritual adept
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The Freedom Place Podcast: Interviews on esoteric spirituality, Gnosis, Dzogchen, Vjarayana, Alchemy and more with the adept t.k.

Welcome to the The Freedom Place podcast! This is a platform for distributing interviews with and teachings of Traktung Khepa.

Spiritual adept, visionary, poet, farmer, Traktung Khepa is an American-born sage who has taught students in America, Europe, and Cuba since 1990. For 30 years he has guided Tsogyelgar, a contemplative community outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. Equally able to explore the most esoteric aspects and methods of the Tantric path or discuss Existentialism, Santeria, Alchemy, Political Philosophy, or Art History, t.k.’s style of teaching is immediate and relevant.

t.k’s lifelong passion for exploring spiritual traditions and life’s meaning has seamlessly melded with his profound realization accomplished through the non-monastic Tantric path. The Adept Thinley Norbu Rinpoche repeatedly encouraged him to share his wisdom and realization to, “Help Westerners clarify the inner meanings of Tantra without distortions.”


Welcome to the twelfth episode of The Freedom Place podcast featuring interviews with American-born sage, Traktung Khepa. I'm your host, Greg Kaminsky. For more information about t.k. and his work, visit https://www.TraktungKhepa.com.

In this interview, t.k. discusses meaning. What is meaning? Where can it be found? Does it come from outside us, do we create it, or is it found beyond relationality altogether? In this conversation, t.k. presents meaning, not as a particular meaning of this or that, but meaningfulness (meaning-full-ness: the meaning saturated field) itself as divinity. Please leave us questions or comments, or send them to info@tsogyelgar.org.

The intro music is "Devotion" by David Modica and the outro music is "Ultimate View Meditation and Action" by Honey Rain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qm1ViBRKpE&t=90s