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where mystery, emptiness, and form are expressed with twilight language in verse

A Divine Lion


Love is a kiln, your body mind a pot.
Tokusan used the stick.
Rinzai uttered the Katsu!.
Gutei raised his finger and
Daruma faced the wall ….. Right from the start, there have never been fixed rules.” *

Hafiz rode to God on the name-bird Allah.
Kabir rode to wisdom on the name-tiger Ram.
Wang Bi to the Mysterious through unlearning all names. 

Bassui - through listening,
the Baal Shem - inside singing,
Jesus - held a family lineage,
Do Khyetnse –in the arms of his sister,
Krishna – well his way makes the dawn blush in colors of love.

Some through volition,
some through non-doing,
some over here others over there.

You can not know or determine the course of your spiritual journey, whose unfolding is the living, perhaps you think so ….. like a seed trying to imagine what comes next.

Love is a furnace, confusion the wet clay; don’t be to quick to judge another’s way you just show yourself to be an unfired pot. The unfired pot knows nothing of the fired pot’s condition, the possible shapes of kilns, the burning heat.

What emerges from the kiln’s blaze is not what went in. Sometimes what is called discontent is the kiln door’s opening. Within that inferno brilliance outshines distinctions, all things are undone in brightness and only their light is known.

What awaits you after the kiln cannot be thought.  
Open the door. Enter the fire.
The colors of glaze, the patterns,
 even a master potter can be surprised. - t.k.

* Zen Master Bankei  quoted from Bankei Zenp.103

t.k., tsogyelgar, traktung khepa