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where mystery, emptiness, and form are expressed with twilight language in verse

The Surprisingly Perfect Antidote:

The Surprisingly Perfect Antidote: For Emptiness so loved appearing that she gave herself over into as of it and became her only begotten son, love of her heart.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. And, with a bow, a flourish, I present to you a grand gesture worthy of none less than Don Quixote de la Mancha: (drum roll, fanfare, and confetti poppers) …………. 


Appearance: That maximalism of emptiness, a profligacy of splendor such that French King’s would blush! Think Nicobar Pigeon. Think sunrise during volcanic eruption! No human being would allow themselves the audacity of chartreuse, the cheeky overconfidence of bioluminescent anthropods, the daring that is love in the world of avian multi-faceted reproductive strategies. 

( Human beings have a tendency …… toward prudishness and, so, misunderstand Emptiness. Misunderstand her shy opulence which desires only wisdom’s caress to open her legs and birth …… the multiverse.

Misunderstood, people turn her into that emblem of propriety The French Nun. Angry school marm, ruler in hand, eyes peering over glasses set just so on the tip of the nose, tight lips pursed like the puckered anus of a dog, waiting, waiting for the chance to scold appearance for the flagrancy of Being. 

But she is not you know. Not an angry pedant. Not a stingy penny pincher whose gloomy tightness allows ….. nothing. She is Wisdom subversion, the surprisingly perfect antidote. Emptiness is in love. She is openness that allows…. everything! )

Think feathers and pearls! Think Velvet satin silk embellishment! Think lace bustier! Exagerated theatre of flamboyance, the drama and tension of birth and death, the opulent set design that is galaxy, world, jungle, ocean, city. Cosmology of dazzling expression. Now go beyond thought, drift into as of the this and that of that and this……… 

In the beginning there was openness and openness allowed: light sudden unexpected bright across expanse and light was the word and word became spirit and spirit became appearance and like this the world was born. 

This great wonder is the mystery of every Buddha: while Bright flowed out of emptiness as all appearing nothing ever left emptiness. And while appearance was born no-thing was given birth to. 

And you, and I, are the children of this brazen velvet and lace embellishment.- t.k.

t.k., tsogyelgar, traktung khepa

Priya Tsomo