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where mystery, emptiness, and form are expressed with twilight language in verse

Azrael, Angel of Death

Everything about this house was born to grow and die. – Elton John

Wisdom and Love share the impossible topology of twilight. Have you ever gone out at dawn, looked into a canopy of woodland leaves? Unimaginable! Three dimensional geographies of bright and shade, infinite patterns shifting with each small breeze, every moment once …… and never again. 

Do you know of Azrael? Angel of death whose name means Help From God. He undoes the speed of thought which makes mansions from shifting patterns. Grasping catches hold, fixation becomes plaster, memory – the mesh on which plaster is laid.  

I wonder if Azrael is saddened that so few see his offering, Death, as help from God. Not many see a friend when his grim reaper form approaches. Only those who have lived Wisdom’s topology of Love can understand that Azrael is the doorman to love’s bedchamber.

This life is a membrane, stretched across eternity, made from divine luminosity. On one side is the wisdom bliss of openness and on the other side the openness of bliss wisdom. The time it takes to step through this membrane is called - A Life.

I hold my hand far off to the right side and slowly bring it across my body. Suddenly it enters my field of vision – I call this birth. The hand travels and passes to the left and out of view. I call this death. I step through a membrane whose name is Becoming and into an expanse whose name is Mystery.

Shadow and Bright in the land of making and unmaking, the glory of leaves and light, the wonder of so many patterns. Life is a Brightness whose essence is dark. Death is a darkness whose essence is Bright. It is only those who live life so deeply that it becomes Wisdom who can live death so deeply it becomes Love.

For most the anagram of Grief is Loss. For me, sitting here on the floor, the anagram of Grief is Love. The anagram of every word is Love. And perception is made from those word ciphers.

Wisdom and Love are the stepping, the one who steps, the membrane and the openness. Wisdom knows the freedom of love in living and knows the love of freedom in the dying. Presence and Absence form an alloy called Electrum, the gold and silver of Wisdom and Love. - t.k.

t.k., tsogyelgar, traktung khepa


Priya Tsomo