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mysterious architectures of love

There are mysterious architectures of love:

A man goes to sleep and dreams of the desert. He dreams of blazing sun, hot sand, a parched mouth. In the distance he sees an oasis; he walks and walks but no matter how far you walk you never reach an illusion. The man wakes, hot air from a vent is blowing on his head. A glass of water rests on the bedside table; ease and comfort so close but out of the reach of sleep’s hand.

This world is that mans dreaming; filled with the misinterpretation of desiring. A journey of subtle light curves through the belly, winds round the groin, flows out into world creating sinkholes of misplacement. The curve of its journeying becomes a desert of sexual wantings.

The oasis was the hidden memory of a water glass. Your hungers are also a hidden memory. In the dream of this human realm you dream desire and the object of desire. Sexual wanting mistakes what is inner as outer the way a dreamer mistakes the dream world for real. With sexual wanting too no amount of journeying and desiring ever reaches the oasis of final satisfaction.

Wake up: drink from the water glass, thirst is quenched, last night's anxious nightmare ends. Wake up beyond the dreaming called birth, death, the human realm and joy spreads out across appearing like the dawn's golden light.

Let words and teachings be like sunlight through your window. Let them disturb your sleep but remember, in the end, no one else can wake up for you. - t.k.

mysterious architectures of love

Priya Tsomo