teachings of a modern spiritual adept


where mystery, emptiness, and form are expressed with twilight language in verse

ontological perception is mythology.

Wolf Comes Down II: pre egological action patterns. the sum and parts

Wolf comes down         (winds between beauty’s legs)
Psyche whispers entreaties

speaks   of fluid occasions      of unconcealment, of            
emerging structures:
                                   legs open, birth begins.

 Wolf bites        flesh tears        the pain at the beginning.

language flounders,   

confounded by  traumatic simplicity.                       ( breeze moves through the pines, tea
                                                                                 grows  cold, the translucent skin on
                                                                                the hands of an old woman, the
                                                                                unbearable heartbreak of dawn, the
A decision is being made. Wolf and Psyche             sound of cowrie shells, the temerity
meet in place, flesh and name.                                   of thematization)


Elegua stands at the crossroads of Lexington and 52nd.

Wolf considers. right or left? (disembodiment                                     (Wolf turns right.
will no longer do ) Hermes                                                                     Elegua laughs.). 
                               take off his hat,
                               puts on his flesh and blood pants.

Psyche speaks.     images bypass the language door.
Wolf swims in the sea of flesh, in the presencing of naming.

Epilogue: ontological perception is mythology.  this fact is forgotten in the
                caress of hand on thigh. - t.k.

t.k., tsogyelgar, traktung khepa

Priya Tsomo