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philosophical work is nothing but that of dissolving

Emptiness meets Luminosity: You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

The whole process of the philosophical work is nothing but that of dissolving and making hard again.                             –J. d’Espagnet, Das Geheime Werk

 Rainfall’s conversation with earth was the first Social Media. Then,
it came out all over Twitter, the love affair between Awareness and

                          light across

Emptiness and Luminosity, like teen lovers. Careless photos appeared
on the internet. Her hair across his thigh. Tree branch exposing sky’s blue.
#salacious #OhMy #daybreak dissolving and making hard. Again.

And now it’s a tabloid foursome all tangled, tweeted, texted, tumblred.

vined: arms,legs,feet,buildings,elephant,sofa,
barn,sink,book,toes and the sighs of Saturn-Antimon.
The wet path.


Yesterday’s Dark Water flashmob.  Facebook sublumations. Jupiter’s promise.

                                      Empyrean unfoldment,
                                      bright cloud,
                                      optic nerve
                                      floodplain …..

back arched, curve of leg, crook of knee …. soil horizons…. lessivage of brilliance. appearance as suspended particles
within but never other.


Late at night.  Under the moonlight. The Kardashians envy its exposure. - t.k.

t.k., tsogyelgar, traktung khepa

Priya Tsomo