teachings of a modern spiritual adept


where mystery, emptiness, and form are expressed with twilight language in verse

your name spelled different

All love poems are just your name spelled different
ways.  Even that love poem called appearance.


This world is how Love clothes itself.
That mystery is love undressed. 

Silence reveals, song adorns. Lovers understand
the strategies of Love’s playfulness:

            February’s taciturn secrets,
            its clandestine stirrings.

       The mechanics enjoyment of

            what’s under the hood.
            Nighttime’s seduction of twilight. ………

There is a mystery, the emptiness at the center
of the bead. The necklace adorns; the emptiness
makes this possible.

Experience, even Being, are Love’s clothing. The Lover
enjoys but also moves beyond-behind-within …….. to
the emptiness.

Love wears appearing as clothing. I wear this loving.
Like the bead we are both empty at the heart ……..    

 This love. This expanse …… is how we live

                                                                your name. - t.k.

t.k., tsogyelgar, traktung khepa

Priya Tsomo