teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

Eternal loving of Beloved and her sweetheart

From a talk with t.k., 1997 - Let me whisper in your ear my love, let me speak of the eternal loving of Beloved and her sweetheart. The redemption of the world and the joys of humankind ... for their Beloved is Life itself and they and their Beloved are one. At the same moment, the sage is free from any trace of need for doing or having in order to remain forever as wisdom bliss; they are also preeminently effective as love in action.

When confusion is replaced by wisdom, then body becomes a temple and the one who dwells therein becomes powerful and virtuous in action and love. Realization of the divine incarnates as love in action. Effective, swift, and unhesitating. You cannot Be if you cannot do. Spiritual life that is not manifest as compelling, efficient, competent action is, at best, partial and unstable.

Within the essence of their wisdom mind, where the sage abides timelessly as timelessness, there is no need for doing or having, for the joy of bliss freedom pervades as the aroma of the absolute. They abide as lover and beloved, bride and bridegroom. A sage is one who lives this knowing throughout all states such as waking or sleep—unchanging, abidingly, always, and eternally. At the same time, they are eternally free; the sage is more intimately involved with the world than any other being for the very cells of their body, the breath of their lungs, is compassion. Love in action.

While the sage has no need of doing or having they are also effective, precise, wise, and powerful in action. One cannot Be, dwell in the infinity of Being as bliss—let alone have slipped beyond this into the absolute—if one has not forged body and mind into capable and powerful qualities and actions. In other words, you cannot Be if you cannot do. And the doing of the sage is compassion only. Effective compassion across the 3 spheres and 3 times.

The essence of wisdom mind is an always of openness and freedom. It is the unmanifest divine beyond qualities, actions, things, language, even Being. The nature of that wordless mystery is a luminous pervasion of lucent tender-heartedness. An impartial great affection which encounters every appearance with, in, and as love. These two as one are the eternal lovers whose sensual joy gives birth to appearance.

The luminous nature effervesces, bubbles over as the swirling energy of universes, galaxies, worlds, beings. The sage knows all beings, all worlds, all appearance as a single body of love. That child of wisdom and bliss is Love ... her name is Love and her form is Compassion. Her kiss is the soothing balm which heals the wound of love.

In the worlds of appearance, Wisdom Mind manifests as a spontaneous responsiveness. It is, in its very nature, responsiveness, and responsiveness is not idle it is action. The sage who lives the body as the tool of enlightened mind has forged that body of appearance into an incarnation of love throughout the journey of the spiritual path. Because of this, they are most effective in their actions. Their compassion brings results in the so called “real world” of confused human beings.

True spiritual life is not a refuge taken out of fear—it is refuge in the fearless. Authentic spiritual life is not withdrawal from life—it is entrance into Love in Action. Genuine spiritual life is not weak or impotent—it is compassion’s potency, authority, and command.

Until your mind dwells as the unlimited freedom of the absolute, you must strive and continue to transform body, speech, mind qualities and actions in accord with the teachings.

Until feeling surges forth as unstoppable tender-hearted affection for every being, one must train.

Until body’s actions have been forged in the fire of love so deeply that every breath is the incarnation of compassion, then you must keep moving, keep training, practice deeply and earnestly for these three are the natural state.

If these three are not present in living force, then you are not abiding in the natural state which is whole and perfect, but in some partiality which will always be tainted by suffering. - t.k., old talks

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