teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

A man once asked "Rebbe, I wish to repent but don't know how?"

A man once asked, "Rebbe, I wish to repent but don't know how?" Israel of Rizhin said, "And to sin, you knew how?" The man replied, "I sinned without thinking about it, then I knew how." "Exactly," said the Rebbe, "Just the other way round. Start by repenting, then you'll know how." 

‎"When the mind is entrapped, fettered, the whole being is in prison. When the mind is freed the whole of one’s life is freed. By what the stupid are fettered, the wise are quickly freed." - Mahasiddha Saraha

Ritual is like a union of performance and art, a 'how to manual' and dinner with one’s lover all at once. When correctly understood it contains a wealth of information read by multiple organs of knowledge (such as body, feeling, and mind) simultaneously. Ritual mechanically performed simply encourages deadening impulses of the psyche. - t.k.

The impulse toward sycophantic fawning, seen clearly in dog packs at feeding time and spiritual groups (at feeding time) is part and parcel of the basic pack mentality of mammals. Traditionally it is said that Vajrayana is not for pashus (herd beasts). - t.k.

Spiritualized fawning is not a quality that can survive self observation. Neither is alienated anti-emotionality. Both are quickly seen to be deformities of human maturity. At this point, one is mature enough to understand the place of devotion in spiritual life. - t.k. talks on spirituality and feeling

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