teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

from a teaching on tummo

Once a dirty beggar wandered into the hall of a king. The king, all the ministers, generals, vice-president of Halliburton and hangers-on were in the war room debating the next police action in the Middle East. The beggar, finding himself alone, sat down on the king’s throne. After some time a minister of state walked in and was surprised to see a rag-clad beggar on the throne and, assuming the man a bit unbalanced, said, "Oh, and are you the king?" The beggar replied, "Hahhaahaha NO! Why would I want to be anything so lowly?" The minister was shocked and said, "No one is higher than the king on this earth. Are you perhaps an angel in disguise?"  "NO NO NO!" replied the beggar "Again why would I want to be anything so common, so low?" Now the minister was outraged. "Nothing is higher than angels except God. Are you saying you are God?! That is blasphemy !!! Are you saying you are God?" The beggar laughed loud and long and said, "Again, again I say - why would I want to be so lowly?!" Now the minister knew the beggar to be mad and shouted, "NOTHING is higher than GOD! NOTHING !!!!" ... The beggar, smiling slyly, hopped off the throne and as he walked out the palace door looked back and said, "Yes! And I am exactly that nothing."

If you practice dharma to the point of realization, you will not be a "Rinpoche," a dharma king, an Oh So Big Mr. Dorje So and So. Such fancies are for fools who cling to idiocy like shit stuck to one's shoe. If you find realization what will you be? You will be Nothing. You will find as your only identity, a non-identity indeed, the Nothingness state. Yes, yes, everything comes from it without ever leaving it ... so you will also be that everything. But everything is, as Rumi said, "A bit of a bit of straw blown off a roof into Nothingnness."

Having nothing, wanting nothing, being nothing. That is the unassailable refuge and freedom and the moment you awaken in that/as that - you will find the ownmost plenum of nothingness to be the very pregnant expanse of everythingness. Then appearances come and go, joys and pains, compliments and insults, days and nights, and yet nothing ever changes within the expanse of vast open luminosity. Aeons, cultures, epochs, religions all arise and pass in that nothingness. That is the joy of this body! Nothingness that is not a mere emptiness but a divine pregnancy - it is the only fortress that is utterly secure. Appearance is the inheritance of Buddhas. Nothingness is the inheritance of sentient beings. When the unity of these two is known then there is the perfect marriage of ease and joy and Buddhas and sentient beings are irrelevant 

Oh the vast of pure potential, the always of Dharmakaya - where else can you find such a comfortable armchair ... a place to watch the blue pancake of the sky falling down. 

The beauty of the path comes from walking each step carefully, fully, imbibing, embodying, enworlding its meaning and organically moving to the next step. In this way you become freedom, beauty, truth and goodness.

Vajra Body practices are an inner aspect of Deity yoga that bridges maha-anu and ati yogas. It is fine to see, hear, enjoy, contemplate but if you want to practice you need to receive the transmission and instructions. Transmissions and instruction are freely available to anyone who is sincere and willing to do the preparation work. - t.k.

 From the first Tummo teachings I gave Sky several years ago ... a little talk on the 'dating habits' of the red and white drops. Understanding samsara she walked away from it never looking back. Living alone in the mountain woods she discovered the stainless mind of deathlessness.

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