teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

reality communicating through this

Questioner: (yesterday sitting in the kitchen) Could you say something about how you see things?

t.k. : Look at this room; it is the direct communication of the divine. It is nothing special, just an ordinary kitchen. But, if you could see it with a silent mind then your eyes would see pure mystery. They would see god. God Only. The planes of form and light, the colors, the patterns – including these fleshy forms, these mechanisms of perceiving we call ‘ourselves.’ Such perfect, outrageous communication of beauty, love, goodness, truth. Truth is found when perceiving looks into the mystery of nothingness that is the perceiver. Beauty and goodness are found when perceiving looks into the mystery that is the appearance. And in their union -- oh my god (and I mean that literally) what joy, what love, what tender-heartedness.

The mystery of reality is non-dimensional, it is beyond any dimensionality, utter mystery! And from this flows the knowingness–it flows through and in and as appearance. It sees through these eyes, hears through these ears. When mind is rested in realization it is the expanse of mystery itself and the knowingness is a luminous spirit. The body is the incarnation of both within the field of possibilizing dynamics.

Sitting here, the eyes see the planes and colors of appearance in this room–the infinity of shape, form, texture, color and body knows all this as unutterable bliss. This is the experience of the body when rested in realization. Feeling knows it as a luminous, diaphanous totality where perceiving and perceived meet in the union of complete affection. Mind simply rests in silence, dumbfounded by wisdom’s beauty.

There is broken-heartedness for the suffering and frustration of beings who miss this, and that too permeates the body and mind and gives birth to communication as simple compassion. The body then becomes a vehicle of reality’s communication within the dimension of confusion and suffering. The body, mind, feeling do not then consider themselves something ‘special’–that is an immature level of realization when body mind have not acclimated to the intensity of bliss and silence and traces of ego become inflated.

Communication is not specialness, it is simply communicative affection for self same appearances. What will take place in that dialogue arises interdependently between those involved and the circumstances–it will be as variegated as all appearance! Look at the differences of Jesus, Buddha, Mirabai, Krishna, Al Hilaj, Bernadette Roberts, Adi Da, Krishnamurti, Osho, Nisargadatta … Manifestation is always unique.

This, this moment is the expanse of reality communicating through this fleshy old man sitting with you in the kitchen in the ‘nothing specialness’ of sharing a bowl of cereal. What is reality saying? It is saying, “Look, LOOK at the colors, planes, lines, forms of appearance! How wondrous. How marvelous the non dual.” We don’t need to dress it up in the pomp of ritual, special clothing, names, lineage hats! Look at it with empty silent mind and your eyes will become the source and receiver of beauty.

I can tell you this right now: The one who sees through these eyes was never born and will never die. Who and what is that mystery–I can assure you it is the same in you and me. And when you know what it is, you will know what all appearance is. This one speaking to you is beyond the touch of suffering, but is dressed head to toe in the color of tender-hearted affection. There is a ‘true man of no rank’ in your eyes, in the fleshy urge you call living -- seek him out.

When this body, mystery of perceiving, looks inside there is only an expanse of luminous wonderment and when it looks outside there is only an expanse of marvelous shape and color. There is an infinitely small dot between inside and outside–the mystery of perceiving itself. It is mystery because it is also all the inside and all the outside at once. It has, for this body, mind, act of perceiving, been this way for 21 years now waking, sleeping, knocked unconscious–never changing. This body mind came to this through the union of the methods of the way and the ceaseless blessing of utter mystery’s divine intent. Now this body just ambles through its days–some good and some bad in a conventional sense–but all held within this knowing.

I am not saying the realized one is ‘always right’ … that is silliness, childishness. I am saying the realized one is always attempting to communicate love and infinity through the vehicle of the body mind with its ordinary and unique conditionings of time and place. Is the color blue right? Is the intersection of the wall’s plane and the structures of light from this fixture right? To me, here in this room, every appearance is communication of divine mystery. You, I, the table all have exactly the same value co-ordinates. I am trying to share the way one comes to this perceiving. More than that I don’t know much of anything about anything–certainly not what you should do with your jobs or relationships!

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