teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

An account of the Divinity Chamber

And then there was light!!! An account of the Divinity Chamber

When you go to sleep at night you close your eyes and there are tiny dots of color, slashes of color, oddly shaped blobs and geometric patterns. As you drift into sleep the waking state conceptual framework dissolves, thoughts cease, the story telling of the day comes to an end. But mind cannot go long without occupation and so it begins weaving the patterns of luminescing into a new story and thus dreaming begins.

Some slashes of vertical green become pine trees, an area of dark becomes a path and so suddenly you are walking down a path through the woods. Bright dots of light ahead become a house with lights shining through the window. And Hey! What’s that? It’s aunt Mabel with a pie. Mind cloths itself in a place and so identity shapes and forms itself in and as the story unfolding.

The mind is both river and its banks – shaping each other. Habit patterns guide the manner in which we chose how to interpret the bits of bright behind our eyelids. The story emerges and then the story begins to shape itself, build momentum.

If you carefully draw awareness into the sleep state it becomes possible to witness the process of dreams forming from the interpretation of light into story. At the deepest levels of the Tantric and Dzogchen path it becomes possible to witness this same process unfold at the level of awareness and appearance that become the human realm.

This is not theoretical. It is the lived realization of women and men across centuries and cultures.it is the awakening beyond waking and sleeping, births and deaths. It is wisdom of things just as they are in their inherent ownmost divine reality.   


A thousand tiny spheres of light; a thousand thousand and a billion times this. That is what a human being is – a story told by knowingness walking through expanse of luminous openness. ….. having forgotten we fret over darkness 

Imagine a sphere of water and, inside this, different forms appear and disappear within the water, made of water, inside water, there is only water. Perhaps they shaped by magic or machine or imagination. That also is what a human being is. … having forgotten we suffer thirst in search of water.

There was nothing, no thing. And this no-thing-ness was not mere emptiness but pure potentia. An unutterable mysteriousness a, openness that allows. Allows what? Allows anything and everything and every thing. And in this allowing openness becomes a womb space and so potential is born as luminescence and knowing.

And then there was light!!! This is the wonder of all Buddhas that from the birthless everything that is born comes to be. It appears without being born, it abides without being some thin, a play of openness and brilliance.  

But the word ‘then” sticks in your craw because there was no ‘then’, no time. Time is born within that mysterious divinity chamber. And there are no two things called Nothing and Light. There was an expanse – unutterable and roiling with potential. And, without cause or moment or time, expanse was pervaded by the luminous intensity of its own potentia become brilliance.  Luminescing clarity suffused the expanse.

And all these words also choke one for there is no thing that can be called expanse or light or suffuse. …. Words fail yet openness freedom compassion sings none the less 

Suprasensual light. Light without cause or condition. Expanse without dimension or substance. Still …. light is radiance. Radiance is movement. Crisscrossing openness moving back and forth within itself – radiating from the center point. But, in this paradox nothingness openness expanse, every point is center, every point circumference and it is not so much that radiance crosses expanse as that radiance radiating creates and is the expanse.

Rays intersecting, brightness growing - suddenly a line is crossed, symmetry transformation of no-thingness ---- light becomes. Another name for light is appearance, and knowing. The Suprasensual clarity of luminescing across is expanse is appearance and knowingness and their union is meaning. 

Awareness and appearance are not two words. Awareness and divinity are not two words. Appearance and divinity are not two words. All things come from and inhere within the goodness of divinity. Anything that might be imagined other is just sorrow taking shape from ignorance.

There have never been “things” only brightness frolicking, making shadow and light patterns on the wall of openness. Things are just light and when known – they are meaning. And when held in meaningfulness, the way a good mother holds their child, they are loved.

There have never been “things”. Made of light inside light, there is only light. That also is what a human being is.



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