teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

emptiness clown car surprise love

Clear light pervades emptiness turning emptiness into expanse. An expanse that allows. Allows what? Appearance! Expanse and luminosity are in union. A union so sweet, so sublime that how could it not give birth. It birth appearance which appears like magical illusion manifestations - it appears and yet remains empty. It remains empty and yet appearance appears. Emptiness and clarity, expanse and luminosity, awareness and appearance each of this is Not Two …. though it is not quite right to say One either. Reality is beyond the numbering game.

Emptiness is an impossible absurd clown car with clown after clown emerging! Appearance after appearance flows out of clear light emptiness without ever leaving that expanse. How marvelous, how amazing! That from the birthless all that is born comes without ever leaving the birthless. And when this unity of emptiness and clarity is known by the sage in the fullness of its Reality Field it is Wisdom in the mind and Love in the heart. Emptiness and clarity give birth to the child appearance with all its antics and play. And, it is a most wondrous thing that it is through this child manifesting as sentience in us, us human beings!, that Reality comes to know itself in its fullness.

Much of my writing is a love song. Wisdom knows appearance and everything Wisdom knows it knows in Love, suffuses with Love, holds in Love. Dharma really comes down to how phenomena are held. Wisdom holds phenomena in Love. Much of my writing is a Love song to appearance but this is not a love born of things but a Love which holds and redeems the sufferings of thingness - transforms thingness into pure meaning-fullness.

Frankly Love is not of this world though the world is of it. Love is the radiance of Wisdom, the divine, bleeding through delusion's concretizing matrix of dumbing down. Of course, by Love, I do not mean ... grasping, desire, demand, attachment, control, getting, having, knowing, owning ... all of these are the dumbing down, a shadow over something mysteriously brighter. Love shimmers within the construct of this world as invitation to grow, and outgrow, all limitation of Love until such time as Wisdom and Love in union reveal themselves as gnosis.

In the world of human experience the stages of Love’s growth can be seen. The most immature is love of things. “You’ll love this car!” A bit more mature is love of relationship. “I love you.” A little more mature and love begins to become a state of being and in this sense friendliness is the highest. Not even friendship but a friendliness that encompasses our relationship with the world. Still further love reveals itself as compassion. And then love moves into the field of spirituality and begins to reveal its deeper nature. I and Thou. The love of God, the Truth, love of Wisdom, love that flows from the human to the more than human.

Every love wishes to mature into this spiritual disposition. Here we first touch on a love which is not subject to changes of circumstance but transcends circumstance. This love draws us beyond our imagined small limited self and begins to form new ways of knowing within us. New organs of knowledge. When this love flows toward the divine it is called prayer. True prayer is the flow of love, in silence, toward the divine and in that flow it silences the mind with all its chatter and in this silence, this stillness, one can know Truth, Reality, God, Tao, Buddha Nature. This is the work of contemplative practice.

Love flows toward the divine as silent longing and burns away the dross of every form of clinging and grasping to “things of the world”. Appearance ceases to be where we fretfully strive to find ease, peace, ultimate pleasure but where we live the enactment of that ultimate pleasure that is Love. When love outshines all grasping in the deep silence of contemplation then both the one who longed and the object longed for dissolve, resolve, in the unutterable mystery of Reality.

When one matures enough then the first intimations of the luminous deathless bliss, which pervades the expanse of divine mystery, is felt and known in the body mind as love’s longing for divine reality. Whatever form this longing might cloth itself in, Wisdom, God, Tao does not matter much for every form will be outshone in the ever brightening fire of love becoming Love. Finally the bright of devotion in the body mind is realized as luminosity across expanse in which, of which, as which all appearing appears.

Priya Tsomo