teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

luminous and spunky

The knowing aspect and the always already liberated emptiness aspect are like to great friends who meet again after having travelled.

To put it another way the ground rigpa, just there in its facticity, is encountered by the one who meditates ... who is the one who meditates? The doer? It is compassionate rigpa. Quite luminous and spunky. Spunky rigpa encountering ground rigpa ... such good friends meet ... so close these friends that they realize they never really parted.

Oh! There you are. My goodness we were both here all along. Ha Ha ! Well now we must remain inseparable friends!

That spunky luminosity has always been there. It was ground luminosity and then it became path luminosity and now it becomes All Done Finished luminosity. Spunky rigpa and Essence rigpa such good friends.


The hallmark of spiritual communion is that all appearance becomes the poetic utterance of Great Silence which is the essence if wisdom ..... living becomes a song that adorns silence with wonder.

Silence and Solitude are two great aides on our spiritual journey and gate keepers of divine realization.



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