teachings of a modern spiritual adept

Bite size teachings across 30 years.

For 30 years t.k. has offered radical spiritual teachings on the divine nature of non-dual contemplation and realization. Enlightened mind here and now, born from this culture, addressing the issues of this time and place t.k. offers transmission through countless forms - words being one of them. Here are some short pieces from his teachings over the last 30 years.

truth is a pathless land - delusion is not

This is the explanation that I was meaning earlier -- truth is incorruptible, and stainless. It is a perfect freedom, a pure affection, and a pathless land where no dogma, creed, or religion can enter. Each is a path, which leads to the door of that temple. But then one must be stripped naked of all conditioning, thoughts, dogmas, creeds, names, and forms. The path’s function and the guru’s function are to bring you to that place where you can stand naked in the warm rays of wisdom’s fullness, inseparable from that spaciousness. It is for this reason that those who are authentic in their longing, in their search, must avoid turning the path, the guru, or anything at all into a new stronghold of ego and authority.

The path exists as the methods by which one progressively frees mind from all need for crutches and support so that awareness shines as freedom inseparable from birthless and deathless space. The guru exists as the tenderhearted affection of freedom itself. Always pointing you beyond every structure  (even the ones you imagine them to be) until path and guru dissolve with all concepts into the wholeness of wholeness, into its beauty, love compassion and deathlessness.

Because my beloved and I have become one and inseparable, I am free to want nothing and need nothing from appearance, worldly or spiritual. And in this freedom there is compassion only, the urge and longing to see every person filled with unborn light in the deathless state. What had been longing for liberation, in liberation becomes tenderheartedness; what had been seeking becomes spontaneous compassion’s effortless effort to offer wisdom’s freedom to all.

Because freedom and unconditioned awareness are my stance I can look at the path I have followed  (the training wheels on  a bike) and I can trace its line of shimmering translucency through the endarkening shroud of ignorance. The way it leads from darkness to light, from untruth into truth, from death into wholeness.

            But this leading must be (and is, in its authentic form) without any insinuation of authority, without the fragments of power which define ego’s childishness and adolescence. It is only in total freedom from alienation and ego’s separation that one can see the whole body of life as single and complete. There, samsara and nirvana are complete and whole in the ground of awareness, all appearances, dualities are complete and whole in the ground of awareness. It is only when mind rests in that awareness which is free from even time and space that the love and compassion which are stainless can blossom. Then longing is turned into love’s radiant compassion and seeking into wisdom’s stillness. And then when the longing of a seeker meets that open, tender hearted love and compassion, then there can be transmission and communion, which leads not to new structures and not to new strictures, dogmas, cults of personality, new hierarchies of authority and temples of ego. But then in that meeting there is a joy and a beauty, there is a freedom -- the freedom-of-freedom meeting freedom in which ego’s recognition of its own true nature lets go of the stranglehold of  mediocrity.

Because my beloved was that uncorrupted beauty and joy of freedom, then now mind rests in silence only, and body becomes warm, kind heartedness which achingly loves every being and every appearance as the single body of life. Truth stands broken-hearted in the midst of this realm in open-armed offering.

So, yes, in answer to your question, truth is a pathless land. But I do not tell you that there is no need of a path, because if you still live within the boundary of words, even those words, then the authentic path and an authentic guru can lead you beyond all words into that silent open pathlessness, which is only freedom and love. And then they, too, will dissolve like mist in the morning sun and yet love’s bright will remain as the horizon, as all joy.

You take these words from Krishnamurti, and Krishnamurti’s stainless incorruptibility was magnificent and beautiful. I went to see him many times during my own seeking, to hear his speaking and to imbibe his presence. But at the same time, the consideration, which Krishnamurti called people into is in realty the authentic nature of the path.

But within the path such as ours, the tantric buddhist path, the path does not take merely the form of linguistic or intellectual considerations, because delusion is not merely in mind’s structure, but also in body and in world. We embody, and enworld delusion or wisdom. And so the consideration, free from authority and grounded solely in freedom’s spacious tenderheartedness, that consideration is walked through with one’s guru, in the form of the methods of the path. They are considerations of body, speech, and feeling, and mind. So that as Krishnamurti led people into a silence of mind, there also is a leading into the joy and warmth of body which is silence’s own rays, and there is an explosion of luminous brightness which is the authentic and enlightened form of speech and feeling communicating to all beings.

Truth is freedom from conditioning, truth is freedom from death, freedom from ignorance, and freedom from all paths, this is absolutely true. And the path is not toward a destination which becomes a new cultic standard which we will live and die for, it is an organic unfolding of the mechanism of consideration and understanding, and liberates from all including from itself.

The guru is not authority, the guru is literally the light rays of the impulse of freedom contained within spaciousness, the light rays of wisdom and love, without the slightest trace of worldly concern or childish authority complexes or status oriented business mind of gain, profit and loss. Both path and guru exist only as reflections of your own longing and spiritual knowledge, and when their use is done there is only freedom and love in every appearance, as every appearance, every object, and as the ceaseless, deathless wisdom space.

So, you have to consider even the form and structure of the words of Krishnamurti, of all gurus and teachers. You use all of this wisdom like a bee gathering nectar from every flower to inform the nature of your seeking and longing until seeking and longing disappear in wisdom and love. You need to think about this, consider this carefully.

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